Nation Media Building Own Video API, Ad Platform and Mobile App

We understand that Nation Media group is building a video API which will be used on its properties to replace the YouTube API which we have all along complained about. At the 2008 Tandaa conference where everyone was talking about the cable arriving and the costs going down, NMG was represented by Ian Fernandes and when he talked about NMG use of YouTube and even the signing of the agreement.

Many were not impressed and mostly the local content generators and developers. I am informed that it is about to change. NMG is going full throttle with its online properties. It is launching the Pay Per Click advert system (adopted from Google’s Doubleclick – Motif), launching a Video API and will soon be partnering with a mobile phone company to launch a mobile application.

The video API will enable NMG to integrate adverts into its videos, target regions instead of showing all videos to everybody, allow for ease in monitoring. NMG will not be dumping YouTube yet. The company will still be using Google’s video sharing site for large videos which will still demand lots of bandwidth. We hear that NMG is raking in 17 Million hits per month. The company is also delivering more than 3 Million shillings in online adverts revenue.

Regarding mobile app, the company contracted a developer in India to do the Blackberry mobile app and a local company to do the Nokia app. The Nokia app will see NMG partner with Nokia in the launch of Nokia E7 soon. The Nokia app will not be a full app but will be more of a bookmark link. The Daily Nation for BlackBerry will not be free. Apparently NMG doesn’t believe much in free online content. They are much more for the PayWall.

The Nation Media digital team is rejuvenated and is ready to launch many products. They are redoing N-Soko and Citizen Tanzania websites. They are also looking to engage more with local techies. At least this is the first time we are seeing real local companies serious about tech for the Kenyan mass.

On the online front we know that Daily Nation website has no known regional or local competition. Standard, to me still doesn’t have a website and are being attacked everyday. Apparently NMG is not taking the Tablet market seriously and would rather get on BlackBerry and Nokia first.

The company is also making impressive sales on Daily Nation digital paper. You remember back in the days when Nation launched on Newsstand? It didn’t sell more than 50 subscriptions. Now Nation Digital papers are in the region of 4,000 subscription on the new Pressmart platform.

What do you think of the new upcoming products at Nation Media. BTW you should see the vibrant team at Nation Digital.

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