NASA Supports Uhuru’s 8 Per Cent Fuel Tax Proposal

fuel tax

fuel tax

NASA members of Parliament following a Parliamentary Group meeting at the Orange House on Tuesday have resolved to back President Uhuru Kenyatta’s 8 per cent tax on all petroleum products.

According to the minority whip Junet Mohammed the coalition, before the contentious vote propose that the government should add the tax for a limited time of one year.

The coalition has also proposed that the government cuts the current expenditure including monies used on fuel guzzlers used by government officials and first class travel.

“CSs and senior government officials must stop, with immediate effect, travelling with fuel guzzlers and chase cars,” he said.

“That in this one year we would like to see genuine austerity measures which include: elimination of extravagance- Public expenditure should be economical and be sensitive about the harsh financial times.”

Attended by ODM party leader Raila Odinga, the coalition also wants the government to “cut its big appetite for borrowing.”

“We are borrowing far too much at very oppressive terms! We must freeze any further borrowing and talk about what we have and how sustainable it is.”

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