NASA Skips Mombasa County yet Again, Joho’s Desperation Increasingly Apparent

For the umpteenth time, NASA presidential candidate and his running mate Raila Odinga yesterday flew into the coast toured the counties of Tana River and Lamu then flew back to Nairobi.

Mombasa County so far is the only county Raila and Kalonzo are yet to formally visit for a formal public engagement as candidates for the presidency.

Who or what is preventing them from visiting NASA stronghold?

One remarkable thing that happened in Lamu and Tana River is there was no besieged gubernatorial aspirant following the two leaders like a shadow as they campaigned.

There was no unpopular aspirant branded in his own name elbowing other NASA aspirants out of Raila and Kalonzo orbit and monopolizing the attention of the NASA leaders at the expense of national agenda.

There was no one taking embarrassing semi-nude photos of Raila to leak to their bloggers and tabloid newspapers so as to be seen as the “5th NASA principal” concerned for Raila health.

There was no one bribing people to say he released doctors to treat Raila as if without him Raila cannot be treated at any hospital.

Raila and Kalonzo tour of Tana River and Lamu was free of unnecessary drama. The co-principals even had no one squeezing them out of vehicle sunroof as happened recently in Mombasa.

Such has been Joho’s disgusting desperation that while in Mombasa, Raila cannot even have a private moment as to visit the washroom without Joho following closely behind him, all because Joho is afraid other aspirants will steal limelight away from him.

NASA is the party of choice for Mombasa. There is no political party known as “Joho” such that everything and everyone must wear and sing Joho as if it is a religion.

People now ask what inspires such fear, in the multiparty era, that Joho would book all available advertising space and block all available public grounds to prevent rivals from placing adverts or hold rallies? That kind of self centred dictatorship that only used to happen during Moi’s time when KANU was the only political party.

Mombasa County has resigned to watching the Joho circus where one man is hell bent on forcing himself and his family on a multi-cultural and peace loving society.

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