NASA Seeking Referendum to Bring Back Premier Position Appointed By President

NASA leaders

The Opposition is seeking ways to have the country go for a referendum in favor of the 2005 Bomas Draft “which is what the people wanted,” they have said.

This is in favor of inclusive governance structure as was drafted in the Constitution that was presented at the Bomas of Kenya Delegates Conference in 2005.

While at a local TV station, ANC leader and NASA co-principal Musalia Mudavadi said consultative meting are underway to push for a national referendum to amend the 2010 Constitution.

The Bomas draft had proposed for the positions of President, Deputy President, Prime Minister and ministers(Maximum of 20, minimum of 15) with the Premier heading the Cabinet and is appointed by the President.

Just like the positions NASA had for its co-principals should Odinga have won, the draft also had positions for two Deputy Prime Ministers.

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NASA reckons that the draft will give Kenyans an opportunity to come up with a Constitution that will cater for the interests of all Kenyans.

Mudavadi said the current governance fabric lacks inclusivity, and that the referendum would give Kenyans a chance to slot in the Bomas draft.

The Opposition leaders were today meeting in Maanzoni ranch for a mini-people’s Assembly meeting which will form plat forms through which the Opposition intends to have its way.

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Written by Kahawa Tungu


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