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NASA Campaigns Faltering as Raila’s KIN Elbow Others to Control Campaign BILLIONS

Raila Odinga’s Family

Many NASA supporters yearn for genuine change which they have been told since time immemorial that can only be achieved with Raila Odinga as President of Kenya.

While this is a near-impossibility now, thousands of Raila followers and diehard supporters see 2017 as an open contest and one which is winnable by the Raila-Kalonzo ticket.

What they don’t know and which I keep telling them is that Raila is not interested in the presidency. This is the bitter truth that anyone supporting Raila must first swallow before settling down to oppose Jubilee and President Uhuru.

Raila is in politics for money and the expansion of Odinga family business empire.

As the campaign season starts, all children and relatives of Raila have returned from various foreign countries they have been living in and taken over the management of the NASA campaign.

They are the ones calling the shots and deciding who is in or out. While they have removed those who supported their father in post 2013 defeat, they have brought on board their friends and drinking buddies.

Raila children and relatives are also the major suppliers of campaign merchandize to the NASA campaign just like Ruth Odinga has been the main supplier of ODM merchandize for the last five years.

Raila family through Raila Junior and Winnie are now in charge of sound and public address systems, videography and photography, visuals and audio-visuals, social media campaigns as well as NASA campaign branding.

This means that any money their father uses during the campaign end up circulating in the family. Millions of printed NASA merchandize, including the banners that NASA supporters often carry during rallies inscribed with such jokes as “10 million strong” are printed by Raila Junior and Winnie.

Part of the failure of Raila to ascend to the presidency has in the past been blamed on the selfishness and greed of the Odinga family. Each member of the Jaramogi family today only wait to con some unsuspecting Kenyan with a political dream under ODM party.

Jaramogi was said to be one of the most honest and incorruptible Kenyans of his generation. He must be turning in his grave every election year in Kenya watching the conmanship that his children and grandchildren have perfected.

For NASA to succeed, which here means to have a fighting chance in the remaining two months to the D-Day, Raila must get out his children off NASA campaigns.

The two are more powerful than even the campaign manager whom I gather is Dr. Adams Oloo, a lecturer at the University of Nairobi. They have also ensured Jimmy Wanjigi first and foremost operates via them to reach any other campaign personnel.

The odd one out is Raila’s eldest daughter Rosemary who is said to have decided to support the father without being in charge of anything.

To cement their hold on all NASA campaigns, they have been seconded to the NASA presidential campaign secretariat which they have also populated with their friends from abroad while locking out anyone they deem to be too independent to take instructions from them.

NASA, as Prof. Macharia Munene recently said on TV, is ODM. And ODM as you all know is Raila and his immediate family. Nothing more.

If you were keen when NASA running mate candidate Kalonzo Musyoka was speaking at the recent endorsement of Raila by ODM at Kasarani Stadium; he was emphatic that ODM must behave maturely. And no one knows the true character of ODM than Kalonzo.

Raila campaign is faltering. Not only has Jimmy Wanjigi failed to provide the needed campaign billions, the ODM Party coffer from where the campaign has proceeded from is running dry.

Raila’s traditional campaign backers have kept off; so has the Kikuyu businessmen who have for long funded both sides of the campaign after President Uhuru recently chillingly warned them to either sponsor him or Raila but not both.

This saw the President amass Ksh 10 billion in less than fifteen minutes, a feat that the disorganized Raila campaign cannot achieve.

But it is the meddling by his children and immediate family that is putting off so many loyal and passionate Raila backers off.

Many have refused to join the campaign until Raila decides to let his children leave the campaign to professionals.

Written by Robert

Respected Kenyan blogger, tech evangelist, and social justice activist. Robert is known for his hard-hitting articles and opinions disseminated through his Twitter handle @RobertAlai or Facebook page (

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