NASA Accuses Daily Nation Of Sabotage, Threaten To Call For Product Boycott



NASA has threatened that they will boycott the Nation newspaper over the headline that have been appearing on their products in the month of January.

In the press release that was sent to newsrooms NASA pointed out some of the headlines that they took issue with. They said that most of the headlines portrayed a rift within the coalition especially stating that there was a possible disagreement over the swearing in process.

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NASA has accused the media house of working with their opposer to sabotage them or taking it upon themselves to sabotage their efforts.

The coalition has said that the press release was a last warning to the media house stating that if the trend continues they would be forced to ask their supporters to boycott the newspapers as it would be an impediment to electoral justice.

Here is the press release highlighting the headlines:




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Written by Merxcine Cush

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