Nairobi Diaries Star, Mishi Sued For Defamation By DJ Pierra

Pierra, mishi
DJ Pierra Makena
MISHI, Pierra
Mishi Dora. / COURTESY

Pierra Makena, talk show host, deejay and mother of one has allegedly sued Nairobi Diaries star, Mishi Dora for defamation.

Mishi accused Pierra of body shaming her on a WhatsApp group where they are both members.

But the DJ cum actress denied body shaming the reality star. Her lawyer told the Standard that Mishi’s post on Instagram was ‘defamatory and a form of character assassination and they have taken legal action.’

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”B@@ch leave my fu***ng life alone. Why you so bitter with me?? Am I the one that your baby daddy le­ft you for and got married to? A beg if I’m sexy or not how is it your cup of tea?? Wewe nahiyo mwili yako sexy siuliachwa tu bado n mimba kama Mimi?? Go fix your life before trying to fix others,” Mishi captioned a post that she has since taken down.

But the reality star has stood her ground insisting that it was Pierra’s number that was used to ‘fat-shame’ her.

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