Murang’a Residents Turn To Monkey Meat To Reduce Their Number In The County




Residents in Murang’a have taken to monkey meat to reduce the number of monkeys in the county. They say that since monkeys eat the same things as human beings their meat is not harmless.

The residents of Murang’a county have taken the drastic measures of turning monkey meat into a delicacy because the monkeys are constantly destroying their crops leaving them with insufficient produce to fend for their families.

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After the crops are destroyed, we go home empty-handed. You have a family to feed. I resorted to monkey meat since I don’t want my family to sleep hungry,” Mwangi one of the resident of the area told The Nairobian

The residents say that the keep the meat for three days to inspect it before using it.

The governor recently set aside Sh3million shillings to curb the menace of monkeys in the county which he said were a threat to food security.

The residents have said that the traps that were provided by the government are inadequate.

This is a peculiar delicacy that Kenyans have turned to, just after  Kenya declared donkey meat fit for human consumption.

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Written by Merxcine Cush

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