MultiChoice Kenya Announces a 10% Discount on Subscription

Multichoice Kenya GM Danny Mucira

MultiChoice Kenya has announced an offer for DStv subscribers in the wake of the festive season. Effective today, the Pay-TV provider will be offering a 10% special off subscription rates to interested subscribers who make payments before their subscription expires.

This means that each month a subscriber pays ahead of the service expiration, they get a 10% rebate on the subsequent month’s payment and this continues as long as the circle is unbroken.

For subscribers who take advantage of the special offer, the 10% discount translates to KSh 6,192 from KSh 6,880 (KSh 688 less than the normal rate) for DStv Premium; KSh 3,870 from KSh 4,300 (KSh 430 less than the normal rate) for DStv Compact Plus; KSh 2,322  from KSh 2,580 (KSh 258 less than the normal rate) for DStv Compact; KSh 1,548 from KSh 1,720 (KSh 172 less than the normal rate) for DStv Family; and KSh 774 from KSh 860 (KSh 86 less than the normal rate) for the DStv Access.

Annual subscribers will qualify for a slightly bigger discount – they are eligible for a 12% discount at the beginning of the annual period on condition that they pay on the last day of their subscriptions.

Multichoice Kenya GM Danny Mucira emphasized that DStv will continue to avail to its subscriber’s quality programming and more value. “Our investments in Kenya have translated in a better viewer experience as well as more value for money. We have started seeing some of the benefits, with new channel launches, local content and general entertainment content on DStv as seen across the African continent.”

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