Mozambican Featured on Tujuane Has a Kid and is Engaged to Another Woman

Nesbitt and Nevia in their happy moments


Mirfat Musa came, was featured and caused all the controversy. Then came the poor Eda Atieno who opened her heart out and poured all scorn on one great gentleman. Mirfat pushed the Tujuane controversy to a very high level.

When Mirfat was asked why she did what she did, she said that the show is all scripted. Mirfat now works at Bernsoft Interactive as an admin assistant or something close to that. She is not anywhere near the controversy she created.

But last Tuesday, this gentleman from Mozambique stole the hearts of the easy going Kenyan women when he appeared on Tujuane. He met this lady who is a student at Strathmore University and literally swept her off her feet. The ladies were all wetting their panties and throwing them at their greatwall analogue TVs and screaming for attention from the Mozambican.

But some mature Kenyan tweeps were just not buying his story. Winnie Kiziah read deep into the Nesbitt’s intentions and tweeted;


Tujuane featuring Nesbitt

A little digging on the internet and it is obvious that the guy, Nesbit Fidel Milton, is engaged to one Nevia de Braganca who is a former student of Nampula Secondary School finished her degree at the Pedagogical University in Mozambique where she was crowned Miss University Africa in 2011.

Migues: Nesbitt’s baby

Nevia studied History and Political Management at the university. She will need the lessons to keep Nesbitt in her history books or if she approved of her randy nature, she might as well keep him.

Nevia riding on the same Range Rover which Nesbitt used to drive the poor Mercy he met on the show.

Nevia appearing on the sunroof of the Range Rover Nesbitt used to drive Mercy on Tujuane

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