New Twist In Moi Girls Defilement Case As Blame Is Shifted To Lesbians

Moi Girls

The sexual assault case in Moi Girls High School has taken a new twist with reports indicating that the rape might have been instigated by lesbian students.

An internal investigation that was conducted by Kenya Union of Post-Primary Education Teachers revealed some inconsistencies in the sexual assault incident after conducting interviews with the victim, fellow students and the workers within the school.

According to KUPPET, the revelations by the students did not place a man at the dormitory. Their report was similar to investigations that were conducted by the school that revealed the stated may have been molested by fellow girls who were lesbians after rejecting their sexual advances.

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The report also indicated that contrary to earlier reports the security cameras that were outside the dormitory did not show footage of any man entering the premises.

The Kuppet report also stated that the structural composition of the school only had three possible entrances where the dormitory could access, they failed to understand why an attacker or a stranger using the roof could leave 100 girls on the first floor to go for one on the ground floor where the toilets are also located.

The official disclosed that the girl found herself in another girl’s bed and panicked as that was not allowed in the school. She later complained of pain in her genital area and started crying.

KUPPET felt that the lesbians that were known to the other students were behind the whole incident.

The school administration admitted that lesbianism was imminent in the school but said it was only limited to certain girls and not the whole school.

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Written by Merxcine Cush

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