Mocality Rolling Out a Daily Deals Business in Kenya

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Mocality seems to be moving into the daily deals business. The company has rolled out a new product, Mocality Deals, to compete with Zetu and Rupu in Kenya. Though initially available in Nairobi, Mocality might be thinking of going regional with the daily deals product. I am not sure what we can draw of this but just on a day when Groupon is admitting that it is not profitable and even analysts saying that the daily deals market is saturated, it is hard to praise such a move.

But in an interview with Moses Kemibaro, Joseph Mwaniki of Mocality thinks that the  company can leverage on the brand. Mocality was started in Kenya and now boasts more than 130,000 business addresses online and they hope to use that also to crack the deals business. And with Google, Facebook and other big players also thinking of getting into the daily deals business locally, it is hard to like this news.

Mocality believes that Kenyan deals market is still young and so they are happy to try it.

Mocality is part of the MIH Internet which owns the likes of Kalahari, Dealfish, Multichoice, Nimbuzz and the Mweb. What do you think of Mocality’s foray into the daily deals business?

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