Senator Millicent Omanga Hits Back At The Sunday Standard Over “Sexist Headline”

millicent omanga

millicent omanga

Nominated Senator Millicent Omanga has hit back at the Sunday Standard Newspaper after the daily “spared a whole page to belabor on pettiness rather than focus on issues that are of importance to Kenyans.”

The well endowed legislator accused the paper of having poor journalistic practices where readers are inundated with sensationalized stories each passing day.

“It would help to remind the newspaper, and anybody else who shares in their warped thinking, that I’m proud of my self and my physique and neither sexist headlines meant to egg readers into reading a convoluted story nor journalistic skulduggery will change it,” Omanga said on Facebook.

She allegedly wrote to the Parliamentary Service Commission (PSC) requesting to fly Business Class because she apparently cannot fit in the Economy Class seats.

Ms Omanga, the daily reports wrote to the commission and the matter discussed on July 14.

But members privy to the details say that the request was rejected because it would attract absurd requests from other legislators.

“It is true the Senator wrote a letter which the commission rejected on the grounds that we cannot give everyone who is well-endowed special treatment. This will give other MPs with different challenges to put demands on us,” a member of the PSC told the local daily.

The nominated legislator apparently denied knowledge of such a request.

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“I am not aware of what you are talking about,” she said.

Senate Speaker, Ken Lusaka, just like Omanga denied knowledge of the latter’s letter.

Legislators have in the recent past requested to have professional massage therapists in the gymnasium as well as an increment in their car grant, mortgage, mileage and weekly update of committee sittings and plenary allowances.

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