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It Is Miguna Vs Sonko, The Suit Is Not Doing The Trick (Video)

Miguna miguna

Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko and Miguna Miguna, both gubernatorial candidates took swipes at each other and what better place to do it than in the eyes of the public.

People were thoroughly entertained on Facebook as the two very loud politicians tore each other apart.

Sonko shared a video recorded by Raila’s former aide, where he threw jabs at him.

The senator was accused of a whole lot of things but what stood out was: a criminal, drug lord and a liar.

Miguna said in the video that Sonko’s lately acquired look (read suits and total composure) does not mean that he has become a better person. He said Sonko is academically challenged and that he forged his university degree.

He also said Sonko is a land grabber, a vice he acquired from his father when he worked in the lands ministry in Kwale.

Mike Sonko who is known for not taking things lying own said: “Miguna is suffering from a disease called mouth diarrhoea. Hebu listen to this paid conman who swindles his paymasters just to tarnish other leaders names. Hio pepo ya wazimu na propaganda from Canada umeileta Kenya itashindwa katika jina la yesu,” Sonko said.

Here is the said video:

Written by Eva Nyambura

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