Member of IEBC Commissioner’s Family Escape the Country Fearing for Own Life

Dr Roselyne Akombe. / COURTESY
dr akombe
Dr Roselyne Akombe. / COURTESY

Some members of the families of IEBC commissioners are escaping the country fearing for their lives over the elections.

According to reports appearing in the Sunday Nation, a 34-year old brother of IEBC Commissioner Dr Roselyn Akombe has escaped the country for asylum in another country over fears that he may be attacked over her sisters work at the IEBC.

It is not clear what kind of threats have been sent the way of the IEBC commissioners but the publication reports that the brother to Dr Akombe escaped to the third country through Tanzania after receiving specific threats through phone over his association to the commissioner.

Apparently, those who fear for their lives would not want to go through JKIA as it is considered risky and monitored by state functionaries. So the brother used the Namanga border to escape.

We has reached out to the police boss who says that he is only hearing of the threats from the media. He says that there is no single report about the threats. It’s not clear why commissioner Akombe didn’t report to the police.

Both NASA and Jubilee supporters have attacked IEBC commissioners they believe not to support their cause.

Immediately after the announcement of Presidential results, NASA supporters claimed that commissioner Akomber escaped to USA fearing for her life. The fact that she was temporarily blocked from leaving flying out through JKIA furthered the claims.

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