Meet Charles Imunde, The Driver Who Rolled His Range Rover in South B Estate

Charles Imunde, CEO of Daybreak Events

You probably have seen the scary pics of the Range Rover lying on its side after running over or hitting more than 7 cars in South B’s Hazina Estate. Charles is the guy behind Day Break events. He has managed some colourful events including those of Paul Kagame’s re-election campaign in Rwanda. He is known to do all manner of stunts with his car but they didn’t know what made him hit so many cars.

The car’s insurance expired on 23rd November so he will be paying all the damage through his own pocket. Charles was married to the current Corporate Affairs Manager at Kenya ReInsurance, Nancy Imunde. They are now divorced.

Charles has always used his gun to threaten residents. Just last evening, he was drunk and so decided to have a short call right at the door step of Naivas South B. Whoever complained was threatened with a gun. Some residents of the apartment he lives in South B have been forced to seek court orders for Charles never to park on their spot.

When a Police Constable visited the scene of the incident, Charles pulled a gun on PC Kibe who was forced to ask the residents to help him handcuff him into an ambulance which responded until a backup police vehicle arrived.

According to one resident of Hazina, Charles can cruise in the estate at more than 80Kmph even during the day not paying attention to what might happen to the children. He always drinks at Blue Flame Pub near Naivas Supermarket in South B. He can be found drinking as early as 10am.

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