Massage Parlors In Hurlingham And Yaya Are Brothels, Should Be Banned – Nairobi MCAs Claim

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Nairobi MCAs are not amused by the rise of commercial sex being peddled in the City and have tabled a motion in that regard seeking to have offenders  punished as provided for in the law.

Woodley Kenyatta Golf course MCA tabled tabled a motion seeking to ban commercial sex in the city citing that the oldest trade has been on the rise in Nairobi over the years.

The County legislators are backed by Constitution Chapter 63 section 153 & 154 of the Penal Code which prohibits men and women from living wholly or partly on earnings or from soliciting money through commercial sex work.

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The leaders claimed most brothels are being branded massage parlors and mentioned Hurlingham area around Yaya Center and Adam Acarde as some of the popular zones with such “massage parlors.”

The leaders argued that prostitution was slowly “eroding the African culture” and that the proprietors are not choosy when it comes to clientele who include street boys.

Imara Daima MCA Kennedy Obura said that prostitution starts right from the pubs where there are no age restrictions while oblivious parents were unaware of what their children back at home are doing.

“As a parent it is my responsibility to enlighten my children on what is right and what is wrong. Morally upbringing is very important,” Obura said.

According to nominated member Leah Naikanae, not all sex workers come from poor backgrounds.

She said on the contrary very educated and well off ladies especially from campus are involved in the act.


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Written by Kahawa Tungu


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