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Marwa Tells Aspirants To Erect Billboards, Says Joho Is Not A God

Nelson Marwa
Nelson Marwa

Nelson Marwa, Coast regional coordinator, has finally responded to the billboards row in Mombasa county.

Marwa told Hassan Joho to stop chest-thumping as if he is a god and realise billboards will not vote for him.

Anajipigapiga kifua hapa akitupimia hewa. Kwani yeye ni Mungu ndiyo anatupimia tuvute hewa ya kiasi gani?” he asked on an impromptu tour of the Mtongwe ferry channel.

Marwa said everyone has the constitutional right to put up billboards wherever they want provided procedures are followed.

He said Joho billboards have been splashed all over the county yet he has asked advertising companies not to put up those of his opponents.


Hassan Joho’s Billboards. / COURTESY

“What is so special about Mombasa such that others cannot put up billboards? His billboards are all over…from the airport to the town center,” he said.

“’Does he think citizens will eat billboards? Let him unmount them and feed them to wananchi.”

He told politicians in Mombasa to put up their signs and dared the county inspectorate and “their master” to remove them.

“Place your billboards wherever you want even if you are an MCA or governor aspirant. Let them take them down,” he said.

The CEC said the county government has been using the courts to intimidate the Governor’s opponents and their supporters.

He claimed they have paid even the magistrate for rulings in their favour.

Marwa said: “That court should be careful or I am going to invade it with a special unit and shut it down.”

Written by Eva Nyambura

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