‘Mafisi Sacco’ Complain For Not Featuring In New Currency

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Kenyans have reacted to the new currency that was launched by President Kenya. The president revealed the new coins which bear wild animals and not the usual former Presidents potraits.

Kenyans on Twitter led by the famous mafisi Sacco cried foul over not being featured on the new currency. They said that as they were the biggest Sacco in Kenya and that their symbol of the Fisi swahili for hyena which is known for scavenging  should also have featured in the new legal tender.

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Here are some of the reactions from Kenyans on the new currency:


Some Kenyans complained that the Sh. 1 coin had become redundant and the shops both in cities and the villages were rejecting them. They complained that launching that coin was a waste of time as the coin had lost value.

Other Kenyans said that the billions that have been hidden will now loose value with his new currency. They claimed that the new legal tender would some how unveil the millionaires who hide their money away from banks.

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Written by Merxcine Cush

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