Maasai Ceremony That Celebrates Transition of Boys Into Men


Among the different things that sets our country apart is the rich culture different rites of passage and in this case, the Maasai circumcision ceremony.

Young boys between the age of 9 to 15 years get to undergo this passage rite after every five years in a defining ceremony where they get to be initiated into manhood with their fellow peers.

This ceremony initiates the boys to become Morans. Morans are brave, strong young men who defend the community.

The night before the ceremony, the boys spend the night in the bushes. In the morning they are welcomed with singing and chants to boost their morale.

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After the ceremony, the elders then paint their heads with ochre, a deep red pigment made from clay. The boys are then marked by white paint patterns on their faces and bodies.

To mark the occasion, a large bull is sacrificed and its meat roasted to be distributed among the attendees. The elders also distribute the meet those being initiated into Morans.

The elders then put a ring made out of the bull’s skin on the boys’ fingers after they have been smeared with oil.

Lastly the elders spray a milk and beer combination drink on the boys as a sign of blessing.

Kenya is a diverse country, with over 40 different tribes with rich cultures that set us apart in our own unique way.

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