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M-Changa Bans Nyakundi’s “Boy Child” Fundraiser After Complaint from Safaricom

Safaricom has reportedly called online fundraising platform M-Changa and forced them to discontinue Cyprian Nyakundi’s project, claiming that the project was controversial and didn’t meet their “terms and conditions.”

According to Pauline Adisa at Mchanga, they discontinued the fundraiser because it didn’t abide by the platforms “terms and conditions.”

When I pressed the almost clueless, tongue-tied and inaudible Pauline Adisa on what terms and conditions Nyakundi’s fundraiser didn’t meet, she changed the story to, “He has been saying I don’t know what about slay queens which is just not fair.”

I asked her if she is a slay queen, to which she retorted, “what if I am.”

Mail from M-Changa to Nyakundi banning his fundraiser

Pauline then changed the story to, “we can’t verify the fundraiser and all of Nyakundi’s phones are off.” I asked her why the real reason why the fundraiser was discontinued keeps changing to which she said, “haki I am tired” and rudely disconnected the phone.

Pauline’s claim that Nyakundi went against the platform’s terms and conditions couldn’t be backed up by any evidence of a particular line on the terms making her sound like someone who is using personal reasons to refuse Nyakundi business.

Nyakundi was fundraising for “Boy Child Content” as he has had a bone to pick with feminists who promote the girl child and use the “slay queen culture” to “exploit the boy child and put him down.”

In the less than 12 hours which the fundraiser was active, more than Ksh 30,000 was raised out of the targeted Ksh 50million.

According to my sources at M-Changa and Safaricom, the mobile services provider who has had a long running feud with Nyakundi over various issues ordered M-Changa to ban the fundraiser which was relying on M-Pesa because of Nyakundi’s criticism of the telco and its executives.

The move by Safaricom is continuing to raise questions on why Safaricom should be allowed to misuse its dominant advantage in the market to not only influence elections, clamp down on free speech but also bully its dealers to only do what pleases the bosses even when it’s not right.

We are still waiting for some meaningful explanation from M-Changa. We will update this post when we receive one.

This short video explains the plight of the boy child well

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