Louis Otieno Talks About Controversial Life Behind TV Screens, Being Misunderstood

Former Television news anchor Louis Otieno has opened up on his troubled life behind tv screens and being misunderstood.

In a podcast with NTV’s James Smart, Otieno details how he was often misunderstood while ideally addressing claims of being arrogant.

Over the years, Otieno has been labeled as arrogant more so by his superiors. He has been constantly accused of creating a toxic work environment for his colleagues.

Thus, he was not only caught up in different scandals but also rubbed shoulders with the who and who in the media.

Otieno intimates that he was very stern in his decision making hence earning him the title of arrogant by many. However, he says he was misunderstood as often he would firmly stand for what he believed in against what was expected of him by his seniors.

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He recounted an incident where his employer forced news anchors to wear suits and dresses while on-air and return them immediately after.

This decision, Otieno says did not go well with him and thus he was openly against it forcing his bosses to temporarily suspend him from work.

It took the power of netizens and his fans to mount pressure on the bosses to have him back on air.

“I said, I’m sorry but I’m a grown man. I know how to dress myself. I know how to blend my colors. I do not believe I need my clothing or my dressing supervised at this age.” Otieno said.

Regarding the narrative that he is a complex man who was hard to work with, Otieno said he would not take rubbish nor bow down to anyone as expected in the media.

Apparently, in yet another incident, a supervisor/his superior wanted him to bow down to him and Otieno did not fall for it. Thus, they started off on the wrong foot on the first day and things became problematic ever since.

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“I’m looking at him and I knew we were in trouble from day one. But I knew what I have is bigger than me. And if it’s bigger than me, It’s bigger than him. So I looked at him and I told him, “Actually sir, I think the correct question would be, what can you do for me?” And he stopped swinging, Otieno added.

According to Otieno, the claims of ride and arrogance by his superiors were because he had the guts to stand up to them when they tried to look down on him.

Notably, Otieno is also not in good terms with his son, Silas Miami who describes him as a “Trash father.”

Earlier in February, Silas said he has only met his father almost thrice. The first one was when he was aged 4 and another when he turned 9 years.

“I was not hyperbolic when I said I’d only met Louis 3 times in my entire life. And while some might hear the number ‘3’ and think that’s plenty for any present father, it should be noted that the first time we met, I was 22,” said Miami.

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“…Once near Posta when I was 4 – he almost got hit by a KBS running into oncoming traffic. There was the time he narrowly escaped a conversation by using the service elevator at l&M to leave when he got tipped about our arrival. But my favorite ‘missed connection’ has got to be the time we waited for him at Kengeles for 5hrs. He never showed – it was his invitation. Was I maybe 9?” Miami said in a Twitter thread.

Miami accused his father of being physically and emotionally abusive and did not take time to know him.

“This man doesn’t know me. And I don’t know him.” Silas said.

You can listen to the full podcast here:

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Written by Kahawa Tungu


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