Look How Daily Nation Was Fooled With a FAKE PHOTO

Cow and Lamb

Someone sent Daily Nation a photo claiming that it was from Chepkeche Village in Uasin Gishu County. The photo above was said to be of two lambs suckling a cow. It was celebrated as a rare occurrence in Kenya. Using good old Google image search, you realise that the photo was uplifted from this link photo is shamelessly credited to one Jacob Owiti.

Kenyan journalism is on its deathbed. Apart from being bought by State House, which is now acting as news editor in 3 top media outlets, there is not much investment in research. Leading journalists are frustrated and planning exit. Nation, Standard and Star will suffer the most as most top journalist plan exit to markets like South Africa or establishing their own outlets.

In the meantime, Mutuma Mathiu is not at the Twin Towers for two weeks. Now the people calling the shots at Daily Nation are Macharia Gaitho who is the acting Managing Editor, Ng’ang’a Mbugua who is the Deputy Editor of Daily Nation and Kariuki Waihenya who is the Chief Sub Editor. From this list, you can see ethnic inclusion at Nation Media. Very inclusive.


Written by Robert

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