Local FM Stations Target to Poach Key Radio Jambo Presenters

Gidi na Ghost
Gidi and Ghost with the Deputy President

As its popularity continues to shoot upward, Radio Jambo presenters are targets by Mediamax, Standard Group and Nation Media’s radio stations for poaching. Already QFM and Radio Maisha have shown strong interests in the breakfast (Gidi and Ghost) and mid morning teams at Radio Jambo.

MediaMax’s Milele FM has also interviewed at least 3 presenters, hoping to convince them to jump ship.

The rise of Radio Jambo has confounded even industry analysts leaving key FM stations managers clueless on how to manage the Radio Africa group offering. Tom Jappani who is in charge of Radio Maisha is said to be completely mesmerized with the green pastures at Radio Jambo. Having frustrated Betty Opondo and made her quit, Japanni is lost how Betty’s show can be the most popular late night show in a short while, overtaking Radio Maisha’s show.

With Betty away on leave, Radio Jambo has tasked bedroom queen Getrude Mungai to hold brief for the candid show host. Q-Fm has also reportedly approached Betty Opondo win an offer. Nation is very much interested in having a top slot in radio or TV having relied so long on Daily Nation as the profit behemoth at Twin Towers.

Meanwhile, it seems Gidi and Ghost are having it nice. Both presenters are said to have recently bought brand new German machine to replace their NZEs and gikmakamago (things like those….LOL). Gidi is driving a spanking new Mercedes Benz E240 while Ghost also owns something closer to that. Things are looking great for Gidi and Ghost.

Gidi who is pursuing his MBA at the prestigious Strathmore Business school seems to be doing so well. The cost of the MBA is in the range of Ksh 1.5 million and above.

At Radio Africa, they are not relenting. Key staff have been given a raise to make them stay. Maina Kageni is said to now earn almost Ksh 1,8 million in salaries every month. This is almost 80% raise in one year as he was earning Ksh  1 million few months ago.

Radio Jambo now ranks on second to Citizen Radio nationally and might soon overtake the Royal Media Services owned station. But poaching Radio Jambo presenters might never rescue the radio stations as money can’t buy strategy and talent. They should learn how Mediamax wasted money on tactless beauty without brains.

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