‘Get Your Cheap Coat Out Of My Face’, Lilian Muli Chides Follower Over Top Student Boyfriend Question

Lillian Muli

Lillian MuliNews Anchor Lilian Muli got caught up in an Instagram altercation with a follower who attacked her over what she said was a misunderstanding.

While conducting an interview with KCPE top student Goldalyn Kakuya, Muli posed a question on whether the top performer owned a mobile phone and what challenges she faced while raising a teenage daughter like boyfriend drama.

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‘I asked her mother about phones and then asked her if she’s had any issues raising a teenager such as boyfriend drama. Did I at any point direct a boyfriend question to her! Unless you grew up in some hole in a pit latrine most 14 year olds have crushes at this age it’s part of growing up!’

The question drew outrage on social media with many terming it inappropriate to a 14 year old.

She called out the the fan saying that he should review the interview when he was sober before rushing to castigate her through a private account and that he should have faced her in person “man to woman”.

“To you Mr Blue suit Watch the interview on YouTube preferably when sober since you are clearly kinda inebriated”

Lillian Muli did not withhold from clapping back at the the Instagram follower describing him as “man wearing  a cheap blue suit” also accusing him of seeking fame through the celebrated anchor.

‘Men with cheap blue suits lol did you wash and iron your suit instead of dry cleaning it bro?! Don’t be mad at me it ain’t my fault someone hurt you,This “dad” calls people assholes! Cheers to your 2 seconds of fame instead of dissing people raise your child to excel in life. Ama you are vexed coz you got an E in kcpe? Shame on you! Perfectionist dad my foot! Look at you with your silly blue suit lol,” she posted

The vocal news anchor made it obvious that she would not let social media used to troll her over a question that was meant to be funny and also to state the challenges that parents go through when raising teenage girls.

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Written by Merxcine Cush


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