Lilian Ng’ang’a: An Ex Who Pretends To Have Moved On But Still Wants A Piece Of Mutua

Alfred Mutua, Lilian Ng'ang'a
Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua with Lilian Ng'ang'a. [Courtesy]

August 15, 2021: Lilian Ng’ang’a announces her separation from Machakos Governor Dr Alfred Mutua. Hours later, Mutua releases a statement confirming the same, but adding something that rose curiosity; the separation was amicable and they would remain friends.

In just days, Juliani was introduced as the new man in Lilian’s life. In a previous interview, Juliani said that he met Lilian in June, two months before she announced her separation from Mutua.

Lilian even attended Governor Mutua’s birthday party, but something was off. She wore a long face, kept her hands folded and worst of it all, she adorned a black dress in a “white” party. Seemingly, she was sending a coded message to Mutua that it was over, and we are not as friends as you think.

Before the dust settled, another character was introduced in the saga. Boniface Mwangi now became the publicist of Lilian and Juliani’s relationship, posting their photos every now and then. Whether he received pay for the services (in cash or in kind) still remains unknown.

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In one of his posts, Mwangi claimed he was doing it to offend people (Mutua) who think they can possess others. It was a bizarre statement from the calibre of Mwangi.

Juliani and Lilian Nganga
Juliani and Lilian Nganga. [Photo/ Courtesy]
While Mutua has been ‘silent’ about the separation, Lilian, Juliani and Mwangi have dwelt on it with social media posts and media interviews.

In the instances when Mutua spoke about the relationship after break-up, he portrayed Lilian as a good person and has even refused to expose any bad side of her to the public.

On the other hand, Lilian and Mwangi have used almost every resource in their exposure to discredit Mutua, and paint him as a monster. This is the trait of a bitter lover, who still wants part of his former partner, but is unable to get it.

Last week, Lilian sought the services of senior counsel Philip Murgor to paint Mutua in a bad image, since he had withdrawn some of the assets he had given to Lilian, including a car.

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Despite staying with Mutua for close to 10 years and acknowledging that she was the Machakos First Lady, Lilian claimed that she has never been married to Mutua. Ten Years!

In a November 4th press conference, the former first lady expressed her growing frustration at an alleged determination by the Governor to make her life difficult.

“On repeated occasions,” Lilian’s statement reads, “I’ve seen Mr Mutua state in print and social media that we are still friends, and our separation has been amicable. These are Mr. Mutua’s usual theatrics and lies. Mr Mutua and I have not spoken since late August 2021.”

Even before the dust settles, Lilian has an interview with Sunday Nation, claiming that she’s a better person with singer than she was with the governor.

“I am a better person with him than I was. I wake up with Juliani and tell him, ‘Darling, I thank God for a new day with you.'”

People are different, so why would a sane woman compare a current love with a former. Of course anything new feels better than what you have had for years, but that does not mean the old one is bad.

In an Instagram post, Lilian demands to be reinstated as a shareholder and director of A&L Hotel in Machakos.

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For a person you have stayed with for 10 years, it is so easy to reach them through friends or relatives, but Lilian has chosen to do it through media, which at times is used to make the other person look like the bad one.

Lilian says, “As I said in the article and have told Alfred, I am for a mature and amicable separation. There’s no need for vengeance. I’d want peace between us and eventually end up as friends – after all, we’ve had a decade together.”

Separation is painful, especially when you have invested time, emotions and resources on someone. Ten years is not a short period of time to call it off and parade another lover the next day.

The behavior being shown by Lilian depicts a person who left a relationship without thinking about it, and the consequences that follow.

She has in the few weeks discovered that she still needs Mutua, as a whole or as a part. Instead of approaching him, she is now prosecuting the case in a public court seeking sympathy.

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