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TV Host Lilian Muli Schooled by Raphael Wanjala on Polygamy and “Additional Families”

Budalangi MP Raphael Wanjala was on Citizen TV to talk to Lilian Muli about the recent calls by MPs for their other wives and girlfriends to be covered under the scheme of service.

In the show, Lilian Muli called the second wives “additional families” while the constitution clearly recognised polygamy and no wife is called additional in law. The Marriage Act 2014 is clear on what is called a marriage in Kenya.

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So the problem is that the constitutional allows for polygamy and the qualification for being an MP does not include one having only one wife and a limit of 4 children.

The scheme of service for MPs covers only one wife and a limit of 4 children. The scheme of service seems to be unconstitutional since the limit discriminates other wives who are still married under the constitution while it also limits the cover of children to 4 while even a single woman can have 10 children.

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Lilian Muli was lost for words when the MP asked her how many husbands she has. When she answered that she has one, he told her to her face that she might have one during the day while sleeping with other men outside the relationship. Being a divorce, Raphael added, it’s possible for Lilian to sample other men while married to one.

MP Wanjala clearly told Lilian Muli that most men who claim to be loyal to one wife are having secret relationships outside the official marriages. He gave examples of men who die throughout the country then other women come to claim their share of inheritance.

Lilian Muli with her new catch

The late Ole Ntimama and Mutula Kilonzo are some of the most prominent men who died recently and other women came to claim that they were married to them or children they sired claimed them.

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In closing, Wanjala told Lilian Muli that if the limit was one, Kenyatta’s 4th wife gave birth to the current President of Kenya and Obama senior’s 3rd wife gave birth to the 44th president of the US.

Lilian Muli divorced Moses Njuguna Kanene and is now in a relationship with Jared Nevaton. The relationship might not be at a good place as Muli is now struggling to remove evidence of their relationship online. Seems like this is the second failed relationship of Lilian Muli.

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Written by Lee Makwiny


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