After Letting His Officers Die Like Dogs, Kimaiyo Now Dances On Their Graves With Half-Mast Flags

Kapedo Massacre

Inspector General of the Kenya Police Service has now ordered all police flags be flown at half-mast. This is Kimaiyo’s way of saving face after having left the police officers die like dogs in one of the worst massacres of young police officers.

The IG sent out a signal to all police stations in the country ordering that the flags be flown that way to honour the 21 officers killed in the Kapedo Massacre. Meanwhile, details have emerged how the 21 officers called for helicopter reinforcement for 30 hours without success. They were eventually outnumbered and butchered like chicken by Pokot bandits.

Prof John Lonyangapuo confessed right in front of President Uhuru Kenyatta how the team of bandits attacked the wrong people in a case he called “mistaken identity.”

The following are some of the police officers who were massacred in Kapedo. The first 4 digits represents the year of employment. In AP, they use APC to mean Administration Police constable unlike the Regular and GSU where they use PC for the same rank. APSSTU(Administration Police Specialised Stock Theft Unit) is unit in AP formed to deal with stock theft.

  • 1997068382 – Cpl kenedy Awanja – APSSU
  • 2011330799 – Apc Daniel- APSSU
  • 2011321156 – Apc Kelvin Kiarie – APSSU
  • 2011318914 – Apc Joseph Kimani – APSSU
  • 2011343174 – Apc said Hassan – APSSU
  • 2013041762 – Apc Aden Abdi – West pokot
  • 2013048118 – Apc Jasus Musyoki – Pokot South
  • 2013082643 – Kelvin Kavindi – Central Pokot
  • 1989016884 – Sgt Lucas Orengo – Turkana south
  • 1988068066 – Cpl Edward Akeno – Turkana Central
  • 1989016664 – Cpl Ekena Edukom – Turkana Central
  • 1995050804 – Apc Ekwama – Turkana
  • 2011328031 – Apc Isaac Maraga – Turkana south
  • 2013053653 – Apc Muchina Walaaba – Turkana East
  • 2013041920 – Apc Pius Kaloi – Turkana East
  • 2013055300 – Apc Edwin Njoroge – Turkana East
  • 2013059728 – Apc Muchui Chaga – Turkana South
  • 2013043724 – APC Daniel Mutuku – Turkana Central
  • 2013040332 – APC Chege Ezekiel – Turkana Central

The flags will be flown at half mast from 5th to 8th November. Most police officers are asking what benefit that will bring to the officers.

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