This is the Letter Juliana Kanyomozi’s son, Keron, Wrote Before His Death

When Keron Kanyomozi died, it was such a painful thing to the mother and the father. But it became evident that Keron might have seen his eminent demise from the world so he wrote something for his parents, especially his mother.

During the burial of the youngster, Keron’s father Amon Lukwago said;

“As we travelled to Nairobi, we were communicating. Although he was unable to talk, he was able to scribble a few lines and even wrote me a note promising me that he was going to be strong.

“It was at that moment that I broke down and cried because I saw that he was really fighting for his life. I had hopes that he was going to be fine. Keron has been a strong boy.”

AMon Lukwago in Deep thought

The note written by Keron reads: “I am used to needles now. Do you know how many injections I have got and I did not feel pain not even crying.”

Keron was buried at the family’s home in Kawuku-Bunga city suburb.

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