“Lee Njiru is on Retirement and so Doesn’t Need to Keep Government Cars” – John Lokorio

Lee Njiru
Lee Njiru [Photo/Courtesy]

Retired President Daniel Arap Moi’s personal secretary John Lokorio has come out to clarify that Lee Njiru is trying to misuse government facilities while he is a retired civil servant.

According to Lokorio, Lee Njiru has not been on duty since 30th June 2017 when he officially retired. But he has gone to maintain the state vehicles which should be used by the staff of the retired President.

While Lee Njiru previously retired in 2014, the former President’s office asked that he be given a contract on five different occasions as his substantive replacement was being sought.

Eventually, Alex Kiprotich was recruited to replace Lee Njiru in 2016 ending the search. So when Lee’s contract finally ended in June 2017, it was not renewed and he has been on retirement since then.

The former President’s office has been surprised to see Lee Njiru say that he has a contract from former State House Comptroller Lawrence Lenayapa.

“Why is Lee Njiru not reporting to work as all employees do if he has a contract? We have nothing against Lee, and just want him to adhere to rules and regulations as no one can be paid a salary and keep state facilities while he is not working,” clarified John Lokorio.

Lee Njiru’s current trouble started when a driver in the former President’s office was asked to go retrieve the car. He refused to hand over the car prompting the Personal Secretary of the former president to issue a directive and ask the driver to record a police statement.

Lee Njiru worked for both President Moi and the late President Jomo Kenyatta. But he is mostly remembered for the 24 years he worked for the former President as his press secretary.

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