Lack of Tech news in Kenya

Citizen TV Website Snapshot
Citizen TV Website Snapshot

I dont know why it is that Kenyan Media companies have no given ICt or social mediathe kind of dedicated channel it requites. Nation Media Group gives is very shallow coverage with those journalistscovering ICt stories not having much info about ICT leave alone social media.

How can a journalist talk about twitter while he/she has doesnt have even a twitter account and so doesnt know much about the social media vocabularies and trends.

I had a chance to read Daily Nation of 30th December and saw a headline reading “Website Launched” on top of a photo of KENIC boss Burachara launching the and domains. Citizen Tv, KTN and NTV all in their Prime time news had the same story headed Website Launched while no website was actually launched by anybody.

NAtion Website Snap

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