Ksh 500,000 Reward for Information Leading to the Arrest of this Laptop Thief


The laptop and iPad thieves walking around Nairobi’s hotels and offices stealing the same is just worrying. They are not so many. They are just so daring. You will find them at conferences where they pretend to be participants or journalists covering the events. They will spot dignitaries who are careless with their valuables and then snatch when nobody is looking.

The same is happening in many offices where some thieves enter as genuine clients and while nobody is attentive enough, they grab a mobile phone, laptop, iPad or any electronic left around then they disappear before you realise it. Electronics are so easy to sell in Nairobi’s backstreet so it is the most desirable product of the thieves.

But what the thieves have not realised is how much their activity is now recorded. Most offices and hotels have 24/7 CCTV meaning that every action, good or bad, is on tape.

One common office rat is the guy in the video below. He was a week ago caught on video stealing from an office in Nairobi’s Upper Hill area.

Laptop thief scouring the EA Data Handlers offices

Previously at an office in Upper Hill

This time he was in Westlands area scouring the offices of EA Data Handlers for valuables. The CEO of the company, George Njoroge, is offering Ksh 500,000 for information which will lead to his arrest and prosecution.

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