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KRU Woes Traced Back To Former Chief Executive Raymond Oruo

Raymond Oruo. [IMAGE/ COURTESY]

Raymond Oruo. [IMAGE/ COURTESY]
Details have emerged of how Raymond Oruo, current KCB Sports Manager, was fired from KRU, and later hired at KCB after hiding his fraudulent past at the union.

Information gathered by Kahawa Tungu’s Investigative desk reveals that Oruo started engaging in underhand deals as early as 2003, when he was unceremoniously pushed out by the Kenya Rugby Football Union, now Kenya Rugby Union (KRU) after he was adversely mentioned in several scandals.

At KRU, this desk learns that Oruo was involved in players’ kits scandal, where he used to hide kits meant for the Kenya team and then resell it. The management learnt of it, and instead of firing him, they forced him to resign. His resignation was given little media attention.

One-page statement from the KRFU s’ Aggrey Chabeda said: “Following internal investigations in respect of kit issued to the Kenya RFU by the National Olympic Committee of Kenya, the union’s executive officer Raymond Oruo has handed in his resignation immediately,” the statement read, without giving further details.

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