Kiraithe Must Apologise To Kenyans For His Careless Remarks – Ekuru Aukot

Dr Ekuru Aukot [Photo/Courtesy]

Third-way Alliance Party Leader Dr Ekuru Aukot has bashed government spokesman Dr Erick Kiraithe for his statement  telling Kenyans working with SGR to bear with the Chinese mistreatment.

In a statement sent to newsrooms, Dr Aukot said that Kiraithe should unconditionally apologise to all Kenyans. He said Kiraithe’s statement is ridiculous because the alleged mistreatment of Kenyan workers by the Chinese is unlawful and criminal and should never be tolerated “as long as we are a sovereign state and not an appendage of China”.

“Our party is appalled and utterly disgusted by the statement issued by Mr. Erick
Kiraithe, the government spokesperson for clearly supporting the mistreatment of
Kenyans by illegal and criminal immigrants from China masquerading as experts on
the SGR project. We know that those Chinese are criminal convicts back in China
who have been sent abroad to serve their prison terms as they work cheaply for the
Chinese government. If SGR requires criminals to work on the project, Kenya is not
short of convicted criminals in our own many jails who could be of service to our
great country,” read the statement.

The Chinese masters manning the SGR project have reportedly been mistreating Kenyans working there in terms of basic facilities, racial discrimination, salary disparity and unfair hiring and firing.

Consequently, Kiraithe issued a statement urging Kenyan staffers at the SGR to keep calm and stick to work ethics. This irked most Kenyans, who saw it as passing judgement before investigating the matter.

Dr Aukot has demanded that government must state to the Chinese that mistreatment of Kenyans at the SGR project sites is not welcome and it is illegal and that those that committed those criminal acts against Kenyans must face the full force of our criminal laws.

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Aukot said that the Chinese can as well leave the country, as there are over 381 registered consulting Engineers, 1,815 registered professional Engineers and 11,114 registered graduate engineers in the country who can man the project.

“The Chinese must respect Kenyans and immediately leave Kenya. They cannot be
taking our jobs, then enslave, torture and even kill Kenyans in our own soil. We
demand they leave Kenya now, not tomorrow,” added the statement.

The former presidential candidate and self-proclaimed opposition leader urged Kenyans to take up the matter and defend themselves since the government has abandoned them.

“In the meantime, we call on Kenyans to self-defend themselves now that our government is siding with their torturers and modern-day slave masters. Self-defense is constitutional and legal,” concluded Aukot.

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