KFCB Accused Of Paying For Global Award On Content Regulation


/courtesyto government institutions.

According to one twitter user has accused KFCB of buying the award claims that the CEO Ezekiel Mutua have denied. When Kahawa Tungu reached out to the CEO, he did not clarify the nomination process for the award or any other information of the award but directed us to the KFCB social media pages to get more information.

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According to the twitter user she like us wanted a clarification of how the institution was nominated for the award the process and how the taxpayers money if any was used to acquire this award. They believed that a huge amount of money was also used to push the hashtag on twitter to justify the alleged fraud that might have taken place.

The social media users have said that the BID awards any institution that is willing to pay for it. This is according to a survey that was carried out in 2014. This bogus awards are a form of marketing for these institutions.

KFCB has flaunted the award through the communications Director Nelly Muluka who received it in Germany on March 20. According to their social media pages they won the award for for working with social media platforms such as Facebook you tube and twitter to secure content and protect children from restricted content.

Ezekiel Mutua has been dubbed the morality police in Kenya and it would very wrong if indeed the institution bought the award. While it is celebrated when Kenyan institutions win awards it is expected that the global recognition is on merit and not purchased recognition.

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Written by Merxcine Cush

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