Kenyans in Washington DC Happy that President Uhuru Removed Jean Kamau

Jean Kamau

Kenyans in US capital, Washington DC, are happy that President Uhuru saw the need to remove the newbie Jean Kamau and replaced him with someone who is a bit much more conversant with diplomacy.

The 2 Kenyans I spoke to intimate that Washington DC station needs someone who commands a presence, who understands the issues of the world and can speak intellectually about anything. DC needs a unifier who will not discriminate people based on ethnicity, race or political affiliation. This is something which was in Elkanah Odembo but lacked in Jean Kamau.

Jean is socially-awkward, appears lost in conversation and gait … looks confused .. low-class manager who requires directions from junior embassy staff to operate the office of the ambassador . She was not in-charge of events .

Embassy staff did the best they could to mask her confusion, narrow biasness and lack of knowledge. She only appeared to read a speech (and of course take credit for everything positive)

During a recent Smithsonian Institute event, a big event that featured Kenya and China), Jean Kamau appeared lost, confused and lonely among the thousands of people she could’ve invited.

Jean Kamau2

The the above picture you can see that former US envoy to Kenya, Ambassador Michael Ranneberger and his Kenyan wife. Jean Kamau completely avoided the former envoy before, during and after the event. It was just too shameful for the organisers and other Kenyan embassy staff. That is not how diplomacy is practised.

The former US envoy was more social going as far as hanging around the stands speaking to Kenyan artists and other guests from Kenya while the Kenyan Jean left immediately in company of some people and some Chinese delegates.

It’s good Jean is not in Washington DC anymore.

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