Kenyans Unhappy With Former IG Kimaiyo’s Appointment As Chairman Of The KNH Board


Kenyans on twitter have angrily reacted to the appointment of former Police Inspector General David Kimaiyo. They have termed the former head of police as incompetent.

Under the hashtag #KimaiyowillkillKNH Kenyans have said that he will not be of any help the hospital and will instead will leave it in a worse state that he found it.

Kenyans have argued that Kimaiyo does not have the level of experience required to chair the KNH board. He is a former IG who was unable to handle the constant terror attacks on Kenyan soil

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The hospital has been the center of scandals the biggest being the brain surgery that was conducted on a wrong patient  at the hospital.

Blogger Robert Alai has said that if former IG Kimaiyo is appointed as the chairman of the board such cases would be an everyday thing.

Here are some of the tweets:

Kenyans have said that the position required a strong leader who could not easily be swayed by illegal cartels

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Written by Merxcine Cush

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