Kenyans Served Ethnic Profiling In Kamkunji Moments After Raila’s Grand Welcome

ethnic intollerance
ethnic intollerance

Kenyans of different walks of life came face to face with the wrath of ethnic profiling moments after the procession of NASA leader passed the Muthurwa bus station.

Claims that some the protesters were attacked by people purported to be part of the Nairobi business community.

Matatus plying the route opted to drop passengers in unrecognized stages for fear of being destroyed.

This dingy areas became the dungeons of ethnic profiling as people were forced to answer in a certain ethnic language just to be allowed to pass though the ares.

Failure to know how to answer to the password  garnered unfortunate beatings from hawkers as the with the men committing the acts of violence as women watched and cheered on the ruthlessness meted on innocent Kenyans whose only crime was their ethnicity.

This is just an example of the torture of people who on a daily basis  ply the routes near Muthurwa,and Machakos bus station that stretched further down into Kamukunji area.

Questions that lingers is has Kenya gotten to an era that people can be ethnically intolerable to an extent that walking down a street one has  be ethnically correct to be allowed to cross a road or street?

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Where were the police who had earlier displayed their presence prowess and machinery while preventing opposition leaders from getting into the CBD when innocent people were being forced to use in-cognizable passwords just to cross a road.

For a very long time the Kenyans have been wishing the beast that is ethnicity with many in social media have opted to create funny ethnically inspired memes about Luhyas and their love for food or Luos with their love for expensive thus fueling the fire while forgetting the elephant in the room which ethnic intolerance.

In 2008 Kenyans hate for each other was hidden behind a national accord and formation of dysfunctional commissions whose findings still lie in shelves without being implemented.

Ethnic intolerance does not come after five years like the general elections as most perceive it, It is a beast that lies within Kenya and Kenyans that is only fueled by the general elections because after five years even the most learned technocrats in this country are blinded by the ‘its our tun to eat mentality’ and fall back to playing the ethnic card.

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Written by Merxcine Cush

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