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Kenyans on Facebook Shame KTN As they Beg Users to View Them Online

Kenya Migration

After failing to agree with the government over the Digital Migration, KTN, Citizen Tv and NTV have all been begging Kenyans to view their TVs online and support them in the propaganda war with the government.

The three TV stations have all prepared short web casts where they allow viewers to sample some of their offerings through the internet. So KTN took to Facebook to promote its online shows and the comments would make you fall off the plastic chair you are sitting on.

Getting commenters who talk favourably about the three stations, even on their platform, is so hard. It seems like the Kenyan TV viewers have become so heartless. Some of the funniest comments can be sampled below.

Zack Njehu – “Hamuogopi spiders?”

King Soi – “Eti Web, I thought you said Kenyans were poor n couldn’t afford set top boxes, Hawa wa kuwatch TV over the Web ndo wakenya wagani?”

Bornface Munyui Sanchez – “continue migrating….ata mkiweza mnaweza migrate hadi mars”

Charles Thuranira Ataya – “Mkikutwa na spider huko, ndio mtajua hata web ina wenyewe.”

Malowah Jacob – “You guys keep preaching we shouldn’t pay to watch TV. Now bundles za web ni ya mama zenu? Nktakataka!”

George Nderitu – “Good KTN sasa mmefika mashinana sawasawa.Huko maweb iko kila mahali kwanza kwa choo mko very clear”

Fred Omondi – “Jokers…just how did KBC beat u on this one”

Kenson Mwenda – “Only Nilotes And Cushites Used To Migrate… Kweli Nyinyi Ni Analogue..I Miss U Less

Andrew Diego Costa Striker – “Mtatimuliwa hata kwa web, where else shall u go? mtakunja kunisomea news kwa nyumba”

Wycliffe Chogo – “since you migrated kenya has been peaceful ..peaceful from duale insult on our mothers”

Geoffrey Ndungu “Mbona msiige mfano mzuri wa #wildbeestes wanaohama kila mwaka na hawatusumbui kamwe”

James Maina – “Hehe… sarcastic,if kenyans cant afford set top boxes how then do u expect them to access TV via the web nkt….”

Joab Filberts – “Foolish pride. How do you refuse a lift from a neighbour because you are buying a limo next year???? Thanks we have KBC that migrated last year!!”

Meanwhile, President Uhuru has insisted that he is not going to hold any talks with the three rebel TV stations until they switch on their digital platforms.

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