Dr. Mohammed Ali Abdulrehman of Canada Declares JIHAD on Former Wife and Kids

Why is it that there is a group of men out there willing to impregnate women then escape from responsibilities? It seems simple abandonment is not enough anymore these people including medical doctors are fleeing the country in a bid to avoid pay millions of shillings to support their family.

This is the story of one Dr. Mohammed Ali Abdulrehman Abdalla who ran away to Canada escaping his parental responsibilities and duties after getting into a marriage with a lady he was sure he was not ready to stay with. Mohammed was then jobless, hungry, desperate and just from being deported from USA. So he looked for a naive lady who would comfortably provide for his upkeep.

This was the 5th lady Mohammed was marrying. He first married a Kenyan woman in 2000 and they both obtained tourist visas to go to the  US. Mohamed never finished his internship at University of Nairobi and it is not clear by what means was able to get into Ochsner University. By this time, had been blessed with a baby boy but subsequently abandoned mother (Maureen Nyamongo) and child in pursuit of his career . He moved across the country lying to his first wife it was a temporary separation until she discovered evidence of his multiple infidelities with among other Judy , Felicia and Trinetta.

To Maureen’s great shock, Mohammed went on to cancel her credit cards, refused to see his son or send money and then engaged in a sham marriage in a desperate bid  to regularize his status. This doctor was caught by US immigration which summarily deported him in 2006. He is not allowed to ever set foot in the USA after that deportation.

Maureen was the then a Senior Manager at the Hilton Group of Hotels in USA. She is now the Director of Sales and Marketing at Crestline Hotels and Resorts in USA.

Mohammed by this time was well practised in meeting women and leaving them after he had achieved his aims either citizenship or money . In 2007, he met another woman who was then a young Senior Manager of a global firm based in Kenya. The Senior Executive being naive, agreed to marry Mohammed Abdulrehan Abdalla after a little bit of cajoling. That would be the start of her worst nightmares. Mohammed got into this relationship knowing very well what he was after. Use and dump.

Without finishing the mandatory 2 year internship for his University of Nairobi medical degree, Mohammed got a job at the Agha Khan hospital as the Critical Care Doctor. After settling in a comfortable job, Mohammed decided to dump this woman whom he didn’t need again and calling his superior one Dr. Mungayi a buffoon. He one time woke up and told his then wife, that he was moving to Canada as he had secured a better paying job. He was informing his wife of his intention while he alread had a visa and a letter of employment from Tillsonburg District Memorial Hospital in Canada. Getting employment Visa takes about 6 mnths meaning that Mohammed was living a deceitful life for 6 months knowing very well that he planned to escape from his responsibilities after stabilising his life.

The wife was alarmed and so decided to do own investigations. She discovered that Mohammed applied for the job in Tillsonburg well indicating that he had a family whom he would move with to Canada. She later realised that this was to enable the Tillsonburg authorities to allocate him a bigger house while knowing very well that he had no plans of moving his wife and kids to Canada.

After dropping the bombshell about him moving to Canada, Mohammed decided to dupe the lady into having all her accounts transferred to joint so that he could have easy access to the money. The lady trusted Mohamed and so allowed all her bank accounts to be managed jointly with Mohammed. That was again something she later regreted as she even used Mohammed’s Canadian address as the mailing address for the joint accounts. Mohammed decided then to cancell her cards and since all correspondences were going through his address, the lady was not able to gain access to the accounts while Mohammed continued to enjoy himself with the money he never worked for.

Mohammed up to his old tricks started to blackmail his wife that unless she signed over her children’s educational policies and gave more money to him, he would break up the relationship. His wife travelled to Canada to plead with him and try to rescue the relationship but he just ensured that she always regretted following him in Canada.

Mohammed did not even open the door for her leaving her in icy cold winter time conditions to wait for the next bus for over 6 hours. Of course there was a new lady in the house.

Mohammed knew the efforts his then wife was going to put in ensuring that he stays in the relationship so he blocked her well in advance. He even made sure that the efforts of his wife to inquire from the CEO of Tillsonburg District Memorial Hospital (TDMH) were frustrated and intercepted by one Julie Gilvesy, an administrator at the hospital. Ms Gilvesy seems to have been well informed by Mohammed that the then wife should not be allowed to contact his bosses in any way. Maybe Ms Gilvesy was one of the new women? Of course Mohamed never wears a wedding ring just in case he comes across his next target, a lady with a permanent and well paying job.

The wife took him to court in Canada but he knew his ways through the courts. When his wife once tried to access him at his new Tillsonburg residence, he warned the wife that he had declared Jihad on her and her children.

For sure this story has another chapter so please if you know who the clothes of the other woman are that Mohamed brought to his wife are pls tell us….

Deadbeat dads who abandon their children and owe hundreds of thousands of dollars should not be supported to escape whether Canadian governments need the skilled labour force or not.


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