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Kenyan Soldiers Complain Over Lack of EABL Products in KDF Facilities

KDF officers are angry that all the army installations countrywide doesn’t have EABL products.

Some of the popular EABL products like Tusker, Balozi, Guiness, Serengeti, Smirnoff, Johnie Walker, Baileys, Pilsner, Bell, Whitecap among others, have been absent from the KDF facilities for some time.

According to the soldiers, there seems to be a serious problem between EABL and army commanders leading to the lack of the alcoholic drinks in all Kenya Defence Forces installations in the country.

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Soldiers who spoke to KahawaTungu have demanded to be told if there is a problem and why they should be punished for it. They say that no communication has been forthcoming to officers regarding the inconvenience.

KDF has officers mess in most of its installations, enabling the officers to socialise and entertain themselves within the secure confines of military installations.

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