Kenyan Lady Calls For the Arrest of Her Alleged Attacker, Who Assaulted Her In Her Home

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In the olden days, welcoming a stranger into ones house was regarded a hospitable gesture and worth being emulated. However, in Kenya today, no one dares welcome a stranger in their houses for fear of what might befall them.

One Kenyan lady, Harriet Kibbagendie, is the most recent victim of hospitality gone wrong.

Narrating her ordeal, a clearly traumatized Harriet shared on InstaStories events that led to her being sexually violated in her home.

According to her, it all began when she hurt her toe as she was out having a good time with a number of her former colleagues and other friends on Saturday night.

In what she describes as a way of trying to find peace, and get her assailant nabbed, Harriet reveals that after she hurt her toe, one of the men in the group, who was friends with one of the ex co-workers, offered to take her to hospital as they left the rest of their friends at the joint.

Since she could not walk, her would-be attacker, extended his kindness and carried her to a waiting and later to the hospital.

After her wound was dressed and all procedures done, they took another taxi to her place. It was 3 AM.

To her surprise when they got to her place, the man asked if he could spend the night at her house since it was almost morning and they were all quite “wasted” from the night if drinking.

She narrates that as an act of kindness, she let him rest in her couch as her friend. She left for the bedroom.

When morning came, she was puzzled to find her alleged attacker still sleeping despite agreeing that he would leave very early.

Harriet further noted that later on Sunday, a group of her friends came visiting her to inquire how she is fairing on.

It was until her group of friends stated that they would be leaving for another night of fun that the man left her house, together with the rest.

All this while, his prolonged presence in her house did not sit well with her. Something about him was not right, she said.

As if that were not enough, he, her alleged attacker, came back to her house in the wee hours; thankfully she was with her friend at her house that night.

“Thank God my best friend spent at my place that night. I asked him why he came back to my place yet we are not friends. He told me he lost his phone and couldn’t fund whoever had his house keys. So, in my humanity, i let him in on condition that he would leave early that morning,” she narrated.

However, just like the previous day, he did not leave or show any sign of leaving her house.

She resolved not to have the man spend another night at her home.It is then that Harriet faked a call claiming that she was be required to meet with her father in town.

It was then that he said they would leave together as she heads to town.

As she got to her shower, in preparation to leave, she realized that her alleged attacker had been staring at her as she bathed.

Angered by this, she ordered for him to leave her house. He would then request to have a glass of water before he leaves.

He would later come back with a kitchen knife and threaten to kill her if she didn’t cooperate and that’s when he sexually assaulted her.

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“The person who was at the door insisted on ringing, which made him a little scared. He let go of me and told me to cover myself and go see who was at the door. He threatened to slit my throat if i would not cooperate,” she writes.

It was then that she opened the door and dashed outside hastily while screaming, leading to the guy also escaping.

According to Harriet, the guy who is claimed to reside in Donholm, is on the run as she hasn’t been able to get a hold of him.

She now seeks the help of netizens to help her get her alleged assailant arrested by making her story go viral.

Harriet divulged that she was rushed to hospital and later reported the incident to the Industrial Area Police.

At the time of the publication of this story, Kahawa Tungu was not able to reach the alleged attacker on phone as the number provided by Harriet was off.

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Written by Jael Keya

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  1. Wasn’t the phone registered? Why can’t the police use the phone number and phone logs to track his most recent movements?

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