Kenyan Innovator Accuses Uber Of Stealing His Idea

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A Kenyan Innovator named has accused Uber management of stealing his idea and reaping off it without as much as an acknowledgment.
An aggrieved Adam says that Uber Management called for a competition dubbed your Uber pitch is arriving now where he participated and submitted his pitch online.
He pitched the idea of “share your destination with your family” an idea that apart from cabs, can be adopted by Boda boda and mobile banking. According to his idea, family or an authority would get notification that the person who took an Uber cab has arrived at his/her destination and the money charged.
“Uber rejected my pitch, sent me a regret mail only to realize that they went ahead and implemented my idea,” he told Kahawa Tungu.
He says his attempts to contact Uber on every level has been straight up ignored. Lawyers say this is common practice with international companies who get local input without spending a dime.
His attempts to get Uber’s attention including emails to their headquarters remain futile.
Adam now seeks justice against this low form of thievery.
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Written by Kahawa Tungu



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