Kenyan DJ Based in Australian Wins Landmark Anti-Racism Case in Melbourne

DJ Kwenda

A Kenyan DJ who is plying his trade in Melbourne Australia has won a landmark case against a Melbourne nightclub after they cancelled many of his scheduled events because of his skin colour.

According to The Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal the Inflation nightclub in Melbourne cancelled four gigs of Anthony Obudho aka Dj Kwenda because nothing but his skin colour arguing that Africans who frequented his gigs were likely to misbehave.

The club cancelled the events after being advised to by the police. Antony Obudho’s girlfriend is a white Australian, and he says the way police treat her also points to racism against people with African backgrounds.

Anthony says, “When they come in there, it’s what they say when they’re there, and when you see the police, you know, telling her that oh, ‘Are you going out with one of them? One of those?’ You know? ‘What are you thinking?’ You know? Things like that. This is an actual fact this is not things that I have fabricated.

One of the performances of DJ Kwenda

You know, so that is where the background of this racism or this hysteric racism comes, you know, comes into play.”

Anthony’s lawyer, Matt Wilson, says  that the case points to broader racial discrimination among Melbourne’s nightclubs. He singled out  the Fitzroy hotspot of Brunswick Street as being a particularly bad area.

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