Kenya Shippers Council Launches an Online Trade Regulations Portal

Kenya Shippers Council yesterday launched an e-portal hosting all the import and export information needed by those who want to carry out the same in the country. The Joomla based system was launched by Dr James Mwangi, CEO Equity Bank. The portal has all the rules, regulations and procedures on Kenyan imports and exports. The development of the system was done by Veviant Consulting and funded by Trade Mark East Africa.

The shippers have been trying to implement the National Single Window system (NSWS) concept which relies on the use of ICT to simplify the sharing and processing of documents among stakeholders. The members will also be able to get to do cargo tracking and monitoring through the system.

We checked out the system and despite the simplicity of the Joomla framework, the portal has a good chunk of information on it.

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