How Kenya Power Managers Framed Junior Officer, Fired Him In Graft Saga


It has emerged that there could be more than meets the eye in the Kenya Power graft saga that has implicated top officials of the firm.

Trouble started when an audit report on labour and transport contractors KP1/9AA-2/OT/58/PJT/16-17 was done and leaked to the public to implicate junior staff members on May 25. On the same week, the implicated junior staffers were fired, in what seemed as a cover up for senior staffers. Following several complains, the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) ordered the Directorate of Criminal Investigation (DCI) to investigate this case.

The report adversely mentioned Geo Capital, a company that was in contract with Kenya Power. Some of the Kenya Power employees were framed to look like they were part of  Geo Capital, and their names included in the names of the shareholders and/or employees. One of the employees implicated in the saga is Titus Nyaga, who worked at Kenya Power as an engineer.

Interestingly, all the employees purged by the report were never taken to court, which is the norm for any graft allegations.

The cartel management at Kenya Power went ahead to forge academic and employment papers to link Nyaga to Geo Capital. They even went ahead to forge authorisation signature for R. M. Mugo & CO Advocates, including rubber stamps.

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Unknown to them, their deeds would backfire as the sleuths started investigating them. In a letter from the forensic department of the DCI, it was confirmed that the documents were forged.

Investigations led to the charging of one of Geo Capital director Augustine Kinyua Ireri who was accused of forging the documents. The police charge sheet filed at Embu Law Courts indicate that Ireri forged the employment “purporting that Nyaga was an employee of Geo Capital, a fact he knew to be false”.

“In my opinion the signatures were made in different authors (sic). In my opinion the stamp impressions were made by different instruments,” says the DCI forensic document examiner Mr Martin Kitayi.

Earlier, R. M. Mugo Advocates had written to the DCI disowning anything to do with the authorisation of the documents presented by the auditing officers in conjunction with senior managers at Kenya Power.

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“We herewith unequivocally confirm that the documents currently under your investigations did not emanate from our office, neither were they executed before and or by our managing partner Mrs Rachel Mugo who is actually based at the Nairobi Office,” read R. M. Mugo Advocates’ letter addressed to the DCI.

On March 17, Ireri threatened Nyaga that he knew senior managers at Kenya Power, and that he would have him sacked if he did not drop the case.

Despite the police unearthing the truth that Nyaga was not involved with Geo Capital in any way, he is yet to be reinstated to work. Worse still, Nyaga cannot get a job anywhere else as his name has been tagged with corruption allegations.

The mainstream media were easily duped with the audit report which was fabricated, and ran it as the gospel truth.

Even after discovering and being informed of the truth, the mainstream media did not bother to do a rejoinder or issue a public apology.

Nyaga wrote to the media severally, but got no response.

Currently, Nyaga asks the DPP and the DCI to speed up the case to ensure that justice prevails.

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Written by Kahawa Tungu


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