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Kenya Pipeline’s Fraudulent Chairman and Randy Operations General Manager

Kenya  Pipeline Staff are not feeling confident working under the guardianship of Chairman John Ngumi as they believe that the corporation cannot sustain his expensive lifestyle anymore.

The chairman has been misusing company properties and benefits without adhering to best practises. Whenever any of the staff had questioned the expenditures, the Kenya Pipeline chairman has always threatened the staff and used corrupt managers to intimidate them into silence.

One such incident occurred on November 20th 2016 when the KPC chairman travelled to Port Florence in Italy. Mr Ngumi asked for the trip to be organized for him one month in advance. The parastatal booked for him a USD 2,000 a night hotel room for a period of 7 days. Surprisingly, the Chairman flew back to Kenya after only one day in Italy despite the company incurring more than Ksh 2million to finance the trip.

Sometime in in December 2016, Kenya Pipeline (KPC) was holding its end year staff party. Staff members travelled to Mombasa by bus while senior executives were booked on flights. Of note is the fact that Kenya Pipeline Chairman, John Ngumi, demanded to be put on a chopper to Mombasa. So Mr Chairman was booked on a Ksh 976,000 flight to Mombasa because the KPC chopper was not available as it was being used on line maintenance.

Staff questioned why the chairman couldn’t even allow the company to put him on a KQ business class flight to Mombasa. He demanded a chopper flight where he carried a bevy of beautiful women he likes to hang out with. Even the MD Mr Sang felt that the chairman was misusing the facilities of the parastatal.

The Chairman has found good company in the Operations and Maintenance General Manager who is not even 6 months old in the company. The GM, Peter Mbugua, was recruited and interview through a questionable process. Peter was lucky to find a job at Kenya Pipeline as he is a wanted man in the USA after battering his wife and lodging fictitious insurance claims.

Despite being only less than 6 months old at KPC, at least 4 women have been to the company’s Industrial Area complex looking for him over claims of neglect and abandonment. Each of the four women claim to have had a child or children with the General Manager.

The GM Operations and Maintenance has been giving Chairman Ngumi good company as he has found a randy partner who also likes to change women like socks and use the KPC chopper while claiming to be on some non-existent pipeline maintenance flight. It’s not clear what technical knowledge the Chairman or the GM has on line maintenance but the junior staff doing the actual work have questioned the flights.

The Chairman, through the GM, recently received some $30,000 from Semgill Solutions which bid for a fibre optic tender at KPC valued at $8million. Semgill was in a joint venture with Huawei Technologies Kenya in the bid for the tender.

Many at Kenya Pipeline question when the CID will move in at Kenya Pipeline to stop the waste which is currently being allowed by the chairman.

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