KDN Now Changes Strategy to Concentrate on Wholesale Market

KDN is changing strategy in the market. The company is known more for its data business than what it tried entering into, retail and content provision. But that is changing as the company is said to be realigning and now moving all the retail and content business to Swift Global which is still a sister company.

The company will now be working with providers to help them reduce costs and increase the margin as well as transfer the savings to the consumers. The company has also laid a Fiber link from Mombasa (Kenya) to Kampala (Uganda). It also has a metro Fiber presence in close to a dozen towns in Kenya. KDN cable length is more than 6,500 KM with the firm saying that it is eying Ethiopian, Somali and Southern Sudan markets.

KDN is said to be facing many challenges with analysts talking of possible internal problems which are forcing the changes of approach on the market. KDN Chief marketing Officer, Vincent Wang’ombe, dispute those saying that the firm is in a good position to compete in the market with Telkom Kenya and Jamii Telecoms offering good challenges in the wholesale data market.

Though the firm is leaving the retail market and handing over teh existing clients to its sister company, Swift Global, the firm will continue to support the younger sister in serving the clients until when Swift Global would be able to stand on its own.

Rose Osiemo who is the Legal and regulatory affairs manager voiced concern over increased cases of vandalism which the firm is saying might be the biggest challenge. The vandalism is mostly now being commited by criminals and not sabotage by players as before.

It would be interesting to see how KDN fairs in the sector and we would like to know what you think. Is this the right move?

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