KDN Launches a Modern But Energy-Intensive Data Centre in Nairobi

KDN’s, Data Centre Manager Mr. Johan Badenhorst (left) and KDN Chief Commercial Officer Atul Chaturvedi,(right) cut the ribbon during the unveil of the state of the art Data Centre.

Kenya Data Networks (KDN) yesterday invited journalists, bloggers and prospective clients to their new state-of-the art Data Centre which is housed at the Sameer Business Park. The facility which is served with a 11Kv 3-phase KPLC power line which is stepped down to just 420 volts for consumption by the facility. The facility also has six of the 1,500 KvA generators for back-up. The generators can serve the facility for a period of 55 days without stop in case of power failure.

The Data Centre has a capacity of 120 – 150 racks per floor and with four floors built on the facility. Each floor will be backed up by two generators. The generators will be be served by a 320,000 litre water tank dug underground with an additional 4,000 litre tank for immediate cooling need located inside. To reduce water consumption, the facility will not use chillers but will rely on closed control refrigeration for cooling purposes.

For security, the facility will be monitored 24-7 by the already installed CCTV system backed up by physical security. Access will be limited to authorised personnel by the clients and when access is granted, it will only be limited to the requested level through automated access systems.

Already a financial and telecom operator has taken the whole of first floor of the facility to host their servers. It is not clear which are these clients but they are said to have fully paid the $1,800 per rack per month cost for a 5-year contract. The minimum contract duration is one year.

Other features of the data centre are;

  • Advanced security feature including Monitoring Alarms and Early warning message alert NOC agents of duty 24-7-365.
  • A unified Building Management System logs all security and environmental data
  • Service area physically separate from Data Centre and the building is fitted with continous video surveillance of all zones and cabinets
  • Flooring Customer Racks are installed on a raised floor with a minimum clearance of 900mm capable of supporting a floor load min 1,200Kg per square metre.
  • The Facility is Carrier-Neutral meaning that any operator can host its communication equipment within the Carrier Hotel.
The facility is well linked with fibre installation though some prospective clients have decided to lay copper in their rented space as they prefer it to Fibre.

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