KDN Contracts Israeli-Based ECI Telecom for a $4 Million Network Upgrade

Kenya Data Networks (KDN) is expanding and making its network better. The “carrier-of-carriers”, as it wants to be refered, has contracted ECI Telecom, a global provider of network infrastructure, to upgrade its network.

The upgrade deal worth Sh320M ($4M) will see the completion of all fibre rings for continuity and full redundancy on all KDN networks. The network upgrade is also set to see the deployment of a self-supporting, fully-meshed network that will be able to meet increased traffic and provide a Quality of Service to all KDN network customers.

According to Mr. Rikus Matthyser, KDN Chief Executive Officer, this network upgrade is part of a larger Sh2.8 billion ($35m) program put in place to ensure better quality of service to clients. The full continuity and redundancy after the upgrade will lower the effects of fibre cuts when they so occur.

Rikus also noted that the company is significantly investing in an in-house team of fibre network engineers who are experts in cable installation, operation and maintenance to fully support the upgraded network. KDN’s Chief Technical officer, Mr. Bob Lafite said that all work conducted previously on the network will be re-evaluated and re-donewhere necessaryto ensure proper routing and splicing.

The upgrade exercise is expected to last for three years and will result in better network security and response times to fibre cuts.

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